Gabe FitzhughWelcome to north Florida! North Florida is a beautiful area with an abundance of home and vacant land choices. Primary areas on this site are Jacksonville, Orange Park, Lake City, Gainesville, and their surrounding areas. North Florida is home to many beautiful neighborhoods & golf courses, many good schools, colleges, & universities. Enjoy living close to our world famous springs, rivers, great beaches, plenty of shopping, dining & entertainment, history & culture. Whether you’re looking for a home, residential land, timber land, farm land, a place for your ranch, or waterfront property, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.
Lake City FL Downtown

Lake City Real Estate

Lake City is on of the most affordable real estate markets in Florida. Lake City provides an uncongested rural setting far enough away from the large cities to enjoy quiet, country living, yet it’s close enough for a comfortable commute for work to Jacksonville, Gainesville, or Valdosta, GA. Lake City’s neighborhoods have different characteristics. You will find something that fits your needs well. Whether it’s a more affordable home on a small lot, mid-sized homes in a neighborhood with nice amenities, or homes on acreage, whatever your needs are, Lake City has it!

Jacksonville FL Skyline

Jacksonville Real Estate

The people in Jacksonville are some of the friendliest people in the state of Florida. Your neighbors are bound to be some of the best people around and will quickly become your close friends. The cost of living in Jacksonville is lower than both the national average and the state average, and Jacksonville real estate is affordable. Jacksonville is home to the largest urban park system in the USA and boasts miles of great, sandy beaches. Jacksonville is an economically booming area sparked by good employment, business development, and the art and music scene.

Gainesville FL Downtown

Gainesville Real Estate

Natural beauty & excellent climate conditions are some of the many benefits of buying a home in Gainesville, FL. Gainesville is a college town rapidly growing into a vibrant University city in North Central Florida and is home to the highly rated University of Florida (Florida Gators) & Santa Fe College. The University of Florida and UF Health are the top employers. Gainesville is a known supporter of the visual arts and is home to several cultural facilities, theatres, and performing arts. Gainesville is well known for its music scene and has spawned several famous music bands.