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Here are some clips from articles I’ve read regarding the expected trend for mortgage interest rates.  Call or email Gabe Fitzhugh at (386) 754-2818 for questions on real estate in Lake City FL and other areas of North Florida and North Central Florida.


Mortgage Rate Trend Index – Only 8% of industry experts polled this week by expect rates to decline over the short term, with most (67%) anticipating an increase. The rest (25%) foresee little change.


Mortgage rates trend upward after ‘cliff’ deal

Mortgage-rate increase should be slight.  Mortgage rates are being lifted by what is arguably more optimism than is warranted at the moment, given the issues at hand, but the momentum seems to be slightly upward at present. That is expected to continue into this week. Rates are likely to see another mild rise, numbering in perhaps a handful of basis points, but there is no reason at present to expect any huge change.


Rising Mortgage Rates “Unlikely” To Affect Housing Recovery

Experts are predicting mortgage rates to will finally begin to pick themselves up later this year, and when they do, it’s likely that the higher rates will affect move-up home buyers and curb refinancings.


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